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Easycounter, the simplest manual counter

The installation and user guide chapters are both also in the README.txt file included in the easycounter*.zip package.


Easycounter is an open source manual counter offering the easiest counting with your keyboard.
As shown below in the screen view, easycounter is a single window application containing a few buttons for creating, opening and recording counters.
Each counter refers to a name and a key (a letter or a number) you configurate at its creation for identifying and incrementing/decrementing it.
Since v1.0.5, counters are grouped together in workspace for more convenience.
And v1.0.7 contains many corrections, improvements and allows to make a beep tone by any counter reaching a multiple of a number of 4 digits.

screen view of the manual counter


1) For running the executable on Windows 32 bits (x86 processors)

Download the last zipped package ( in your temporary directory. Extract all its internal files in a new final hosting directory (named "Easycounter" for example in the program directory, or in a personal one). You can now go to the "User Guide" chapter III).

2) For executing the source code on all OS (Win32,Mac,Linux)

The installation follows three steps:

step I : easycounter

Download the last zipped package easycounter*.zip in your temporary directory.
Extract all its internal files in a new hosting directory (named «Easycounter» for example).

step II : the Perl engine

For more details about Perl, visit camel for Perl .

step III : the Perl/Tk module

This module is necessary for windowing the script.

Congratulation! The Perl engine and Tk module are installed. Now, you can use the counter.

User's Guide

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Contact and Support

For different kinds of request, here are usefull links to sourceforge services:
→ submiting an idea for improvement : Feature Requests
→ get support : Support Requests
→ reporting bugs : Bugs
→ direct contact : easycounter at

In any case, I'll try to satisfy you the best possible.


Easycounter is distributed under the GNU General Public License.


If you are satisfied using easycounter, or wish to encourage next evolutions, you can donate safely and a third of it shall be put back to the Perl fondation. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to give an appreciation of easycounter through sourceforge. At last, you can contact me for any suggestions or for an estimate of specific evolutions.

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Written on March 21st, 2010. Reviewed on March 13th, 2014.
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